Wish Upon a Star – A short story

Everyday I sit among many. I wait and I wait to be wished upon. I see the moment a wish is sent up here to us in a cloud of blue magic. It grabs on to a neighboring star and off the star goes flying through space. To where? I am not sure, I have yet to transport one. How I long to be one of the special stars to carry a wish. I sit through the nights praying for a miracle.

One night, as I am humming along, a cloud of blue magic floats towards me. Is it coming to me? I gasp and wait for its arrival. It hooks on to my leg and I let out a yip of excitement. Finally! I start to feel power surge through me and I prepare for my flight.

Without having anytime to think, I am off flying through space. I feel empowered and like the most important star in the sky. It is the best feeling I have ever known. To life on earth, this called a ‘shooting star’. To me, it is called, ‘paradise’.

Before I realize it, I am in a sea of stars who seem to be waiting for something. They all glow as I transport in. My wish leaves me and floats through a portal in the room. I wonder what is going on and a star says that this room is used for waiting. A wish is either going to be granted or denied and the stars have to wait to see what the outcome is. Once the star knows, it flies back to its spot in space. If the wish is denied it is sent back down to earth. If the wish is granted, it stays in the portal.

I have never glowed so brightly. The job of a star is so important to the humans on earth. I will forever carry the wishes of boys, girls, men, woman, babies, and animals with pride. So wish upon a star and it might come true…


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