Butterfly Short Story

Anna was driving home after a doctor’s appointment. She could already feel the bruise forming after getting the flu shot. She was thinking about the scales she was just on and she was not happy with the results regarding her weight. She was so unhappy about it that she decided she was never going to eat another cupcake ever again.

As she started driving, the sunshine started to appear through the rain clouds which caused a rainbow. She passed a field of green wildflowers which made her think of her favorite food; pickles.

“Stop thinking about food!” She told herself. As she continued down the road in an angry state of mind, a butterfly appeared on her side view mirror. It was the monarch kind and it was just fluttering its wings slowly. It was peacefully looking at her as the orange and black colors shone off its wings.Instantly, she forgot all about the cupcake and her weight.

She pulled her car over to the side of the road and pulled out her phone. She snapped a picture and sent it to her brother over text. The text read, “Got a sign from mom today:).” It was moments like these that she cherished so much. Magical seconds of hope that her mom was watching over her. Her mom used to love monarch butterflies and they always seemed to appear when Anna was feeling frustrated and lonely.

The butterfly took off down the road and flew into the field. Anna sat back in her seat and smiled. She started her car back up and proceeded to buy a red velvet cupcake. After all, those were her mom’s favorite.


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