Cookies and Lemonade

I was walking home from school one day and I saw a white balloon hooked on a branch on the blooming tree in my front yard. Curiosity filled my mind and I ran to the tree. I latched on to a thick branch and pulled myself up. I repeated that pattern until I reached the top of the tree. I heard buzzing around my head from the bees dodging in and out of the white dainty flowers. I grabbed the string to the balloon and untangled it. To my surprise, I started to float. I panicked but held on for dear life.
I was flying high and floating over my house and through the clouds. I kept going passing over towns, lakes, and forests. Finally, the balloon started to descend. I looked below me and saw a baby pink cottage. I had never seen this area before. My feet touched the ground and I let go of the balloon. The balloon floated and connected to a tree.
I timidly walked up to the cottage and knocked on the white wooden door. I stood there awkwardly waiting. The door started to creak open and I held my breath. There stood a little and plump old lady with red cheeks, white hair, and a pink and white frilly apron. She smiled and her whole face lit up.
“Ah my balloon always does bring me a visitor once in a awhile, do come in.” She had a voice that made me instantly calm. I don’t know why I trusted her but I did. I walked inside and a bakery scent filled my nose. It was like a gingerbread house in a fairy tale. I sat down in a rose pattern love seat and we chatted the whole afternoon while eating cookies and drinking lemonade. We laughed until our stomachs hurt and cried until we ran out of tears.
In the midst of it all, I checked the time on my watch. I realized I would have to go home and eat dinner or my mom would be worried. I stood up and gave her a hug. We said our goodbyes and from that day forward, anytime I saw the white balloon in my tree, I’d take a little trip to the pink cottage for cookies and lemonade.

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