Change & A reflection on Poetry

Do turtles cry?

When of them goes to fly

Do dolphins weep?

When one of them goes to sleep

Does coral sob?

When another color is robbed

Do fish start to tear?

When they see the thing they fear

We need to do something drastic

To save the ocean from plastic

Writer’s Reflection

   The poem that I wrote was called a free verse poem. I chose this poem because it makes me feel like I have more creative power and more space to think. I got this idea from all the news articles I have been seeing on the ocean being destroyed by plastic and all the tragic pictures. It makes me feel defeated when I see the pictures of the consuming plastic because humans have such an influence on the earth and we have the ability to make a difference but not enough people are.

    I had good feelings about poetry before this unit but I had little to no knowledge about the different types and how to write them. After this unit, I feel much more knowledgeable and more confident about writing poetry. I also found out my strengths and weaknesses when I write and how to overcome them. I enjoyed this unit and the challenge of writing a poem each day.


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